Fitness Center: Fresh Commercial Painting For The Holiday Warriors

Let’s face it, everyone started the year with great intentions of hitting the gym, getting in shape and eating right. But it always tapers off. What if a fresh coat of paint can help your holiday warriors feel more welcomed, and comfortable during their work out? Perhaps more of them would stay in the routine longer than before.

Now is the time to get your fitness studies looking great for your new clients with New Years resolutions! This way when then enter the facility they feel like they belong there, making it harder for them to walk away from that resolution (and from you). The right coat of commercial paint can help your wellness center stand out from the competition and keep your clients coming back for more!

Be honest: would you work out in a gym with pealing or flaking paint? It’s hard enough when it can smell like a sweaty locker room — we don’t need the walls crying out for help too!

Using paint that is water soluble can help prevent pealing and flaking in high humidity areas helping to preserve that comfortable feeling longer than your normal paint job.

Before Commercial Painting…What Are You Doing About That Drywall and Popcorn Ceiling?

Have you ever had a client drop a weight a little too roughly onto the rack causing the rack to sway and hit the wall?  This can be damaging to walls where the paint has not been refreshed in a while causing drywall/sheet rock damage. The client didn’t mean to damage the facility and probably said nothing to you about it, but over time that hole gets bigger and bigger and has become somewhat of an eye sore for you or your clients.

Don’t worry, we can help with that too! Sheet rock and drywall repair is fun to do and we can usually do it in the same day as the painting.

We take popcorn ceiling removal very seriously and focus on safety first. Bring your commercial gym up to current styles involves removing those ceilings and getting a fresh coat of professional paint.

Greensboro, NC Has Professional Painters Ready For You

Time to get serious, we strive for minimal disruption to your business routine as possible with professional commercial painters who arrive on time and on budget. Not only do we guarantee same day estimates, we also offer exclusive paint savings we receive from our suppliers, helping you keep costs down and energy up for a great year!

Don’t take our word for it, this is what our clients have to say:

“Jose and PPP have been fantastic to work with […] They have always been available to work with our schedule and willing to make suggestions that will improve the look of the job. Highly recommended!” ~ Mike Padjen

“Piedmont Painters did a fantastic job[…]! They were very efficient and so reasonably priced[…] I love the finished results and highly recommend them!!! Thank you Jose and David for making the world more beautiful one house at a time.” ~ Cindy Park