Tips For Hiring The Right Painting Team

Hiring the right people can be hard! Ask these questions to help ensure your team is on your side for quality results you can be proud of!

  1. What quality control systems do you have in place? – this is important to help you know what happens to ensure you get what you are paying for, quality work, correct colors, and done on time!
  2. How long has your team that will be painting my property been painting professionally? Do they receive regular training or skills tests to ensure continued quality over time? – this will also be a good quality judge.
  3. Does your team work for you as employees or as contractors? – this will affect quality. A crew that is contract may not be as reliable for quality or time management.
  4. What kind of insurance do you have? Is your team covered by that insurance for potential accidents? What about written safety protocols for your teams? – your homeowners or business insurance does but it shouldn’t be your responsibility if they are not wearing proper gear or are not sober on the job.
  5. Walk me through the process start to finish. – You are looking for a consistent system here. If they um and ah a lot they don’t have a system and they don’t know what you are wanting them to say…don’t feed them ideas.
  6. Professional attitude: Will we hear offensive music or language? Will there be cigarette buts in my yard or on my porch when they are done? – These questions help you set rules for how you expect your property and self to be treated while the team is working.
  7. Sobriety: your team will be on and off ladders on the property, how do you ensure sobriety? It is important that they don’t do anything to put themselves our our family at risk during the project. – Rules and regulations on the team help ensure quality for their work and their professionalism.
  8. What types of paint do you use? – make sure it is VOC paint for interior which is better for air quality and no lead, and make sure it is rated properly for your specific exterior conditions.
  9. What types of protective barriers do you use, and how do you manage the dust and clean up? – let’s you know if you need to make other cleaning arrangements. The best teams will have this as part of their “typical process” section of the conversation.
  10. Do you run background checks on your team? And can I see the results? – want to make sure the crew is trust worthy particularly if they are doing an interior paint job as you will not want to be there watching them paint.
  11. Are you affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, trade specific organizations, or any of the local chambers of commerce? – you are looking for reliable credibility check points here to help ensure this organization is who they say they are.
  12. Do you have references? And how are those references selected? – you really want to have someone who can off the top of their head name 3-5 people you can call. These will be more genuine references than ones that they hand pick. These top of mind ones are likely projects the team just finished. But be sure to ask that!
  13. Last but not least, do you have a warranty on the paint it self? – you want to know that if something happens where is chips or doesn’t hold up as you expect you can reference that warranty for replacement.

We hope this list of questions help you to pick the team that is right for you and your personal needs for your home or office painting job. These are questions we get often and love when home owners and business owners are informed enough to ask. If there are any others that come to mind please share them below!

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