Maintain That Curb Appeal With Exterior Paint Services

So often we’re busy fixing up the interior of our homes for company and whatnot that the exterior becomes that thing we shove aside until there’s an issue that demands attention.

But keeping the outside of your home looking great doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt.

Here are a few simple services that can make a big difference for your curb appeal.

Exterior Painting By The Pros

We’ve got you covered from paint matching/selection to getting on a ladder to make sure it’s perfect. Our partnerships with local suppliers allow us to get you the cheapest prices around on paints, which we provide at-cost.

We generally recommend painting the entire exterior of your home, since even when we color match there’s always fading on older paint. As a result, the colors will never completely match. When you paint the whole house in one go, you can ensure a fresh, uniform look.

Pressure Washing Services For Siding and Decks

Remove all that built up grime and discoloration from years of weather, acidity from rain and chemicals, and even grass stains from yard work etc.

The simplest way to restore the vibrancy to the colors of your siding or decking is to pressure wash. Many of these outdoor contaminants can stain, and can’t be removed easily with your hose and/or scrubbing. Pressure washing brings enough power to change that.

But don’t worry — it can do it safely without damaging your surfaces or fading the paint.

Pressure washing can also extend the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces. Outside chemicals and natural acidity can wear away at your paint, and if left alone too long can cause notable fading and flaking. And in the case of wood decking? Grime and mildew can actually rot your boards, leading to expensive deck repairs down the road.