Is that Popcorn Ceiling Burning You Up?

No one likes the smell of burnt popcorn; it’s about as unpleasant as popcorn ceilings these days.

Did you know that any popcorn ceilings installed prior to 1980 might be made with asbestos materials? Its true!

So if you have popcorn ceilings please don’t remove it yourself as it could be dangerous to your health. Hazardous materials like Asbestos need to be professionally removed. If you aren’t sure, now might be a good time to have someone do a free assessment of the popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling removal is typically a simple 6 step process (when asbestos isn’t involved).

  1. Find a corner and do a test scrap with a drywall putty blade, or flat surface.
  2. Try to scrape the popcorn off dry first, if it doesn’t easily flake off consider wetting the surface with a damp cloth or spray bottle of water and then try to scrape again.
  3. Once you determine the best way to remove the popcorn, prep your room. This is a messy endeavor so be sure to cover everything in plastic, including the walls, before getting started. (Helps to remove all the furniture or place it in the center of the room covered up.)
  4. Be sure to remove all light fixtures and fans prior to the scraping process. Protect the light openings from potential water spray by tucking wires up above the ceiling and stuffing paper in the hole and covering with tape
  5. Prevent gouging by rounding the corners of your putty knife, no need to add holes to the ceiling in the process
  6. Get scraping!

The benefit to removing the lovely cottage cheese look from your ceiling goes well beyond appearance. If you are one of the lucky ones with a popcorn ceiling built with Asbestos you could be putting your health and your families health at risk each passing day the popcorn remains. (Do not do the removal yourself if you are not sure if the popcorn material is Asbestos free or not.)

Popcorn ceilings attract and trap dust, making it harder to keep you home clean and allergen free.

Once the popcorn is gone its time to sand and paint the ceiling so it is all the same color and the job is complete!

So why us?

We love beautifying homes in the triad and popcorn ceiling removal is one of our specialties. It rewards us to know you will be living a healthier life without that dust and cancer trap coming over your heads. Aside that, we can get the whole job done in a day or less depending on the size of the home allowing to rest easy the holiday season!

We still have some availability prior to Christmas so give us a call today for a guaranteed FREE same day estimate!