This Is The Time Of Year For Apartment Painting Projects

It’s busy. It’s a bit hectic, sure. But the holiday season can be a great time for property managers (especially apartment complexes) to look into painting.

You can’t create that eye-catching, thought-provoking, wow I need to live here feeling with old and faded paint.

Not only will tenants appreciate the fresh look when they have family visiting, but doing this is a big to-do off the list as we prepare for the new year. For apartments in particular, making sure all the units have fresh paint improves retention and can make it easier to attract new tenants to your demo spaces.

First impressions and all that.

Professionally painted kitchen for a sharp look tenants love

New paint is a win for interiors, but the exteriors can be just as important. Sure, tenants spend more time looking at the walls inside their homes. But anyone visiting — including prospective tenants — will be far more drawn to a new and modern looking building.

Look at it the opposite way: pulling up to an old building with faded paint makes people wonder about other maintenance. Nobody wants that, and it’s easy to avoid. Getting a jump on projects like this now help build a sense of community, which is particularly apt now. Tenants feel secure, like someone is looking out for them and really cares about the complex.

And you’ll have a better showpiece than ever.