Fire Prevention and Awareness Month – October

This is the time of year that fire damage happens the most. Why is that? Air is getting dryer, leaves are drying up, and we are using our fire places again or over loading those outlets for the holiday lights. With that said we want to take a moment to talk about fire resistant paint options for the inside of your home or office.

Didn’t know fire resistant paint existed, did you?

We love using this paint as it helps to give our families peace of mind over the largest investments they own, their home. Fire resistant paint does not guarantee you protection from a fire in the event one does occur, but they can withstand up to 2000* Fahrenheit for up to 2 hours before having the flame take over your walls.

Our recommended brand for this is FireFree. The paint is more expensive than your average interior paint, but it is worth the added comfort.

If we didn’t paint your home, and you have had a fire, we can help! We also provide sheetrock and drywall repair services and partner with great companies like Emergency Restoration Xperts to help get your home good as new as quickly as possible.

So if you are thinking about ways to protect your home this year from potential fire damage, call us first for a free same day estimate on fire resistant interior paint.