Fresh Paint Can Save Lives in Your Medical Office!

You may be wondering what some of the benefits of keeping my medical facility looking fresh are, other than being fashion-friendly to have a professional paint job once every 4 years. We we decided to give you a list of the top 4 ways fresh paint can improve your facility… you may be surprised!

  1. Aside the psychology of a fresh paint job on your staff, your paint can effect the mood of your clients too and may be impacting your bottom line. When was the last time your facility was painted? If it has been more than 4 years, consider a color change up to breathe some fresh energy back into your medical facility!
  2. Speaking of color…What is the color of your walls saying about your medical office? Does it feel too sterile? That may not be sending the right message to your perspective clients, not to mention impacting their health! So in the words of Barney from How I Met Your MotherSuit Up!”
  3. Did you know a professional paint job can decrease allergens in the air? This can help improve air quality and impact energy levels of the staff day in and day out. Not to mention improving drying times on the paint it self. Who wants their office closed for a week for painting?! That’s right…no one! So VOC paints allow for faster dry time which means decreased down time for you!
  4. Ok here is one we know you didn’t know… A fresh coat of paint can protect against germs and viruses! – Say what?! Yes you heard that… or rather read that right. We get asked often if there is a paint on the market that can protect against germs and viruses and sure enough, Sherwin-Williams developed a paint that does just that.¬†Sherwin-Williams paint product called “Paint Shield” ¬†actually kills 99.9% of Ecoli and Mersa bacteria that have been known to cause fatal illness in the young and old alike. It’s so cool to know that paint can help keep your medical offices free and clear from these bacteria. Worth painting now huh?!

No longer is it just fashion forward to keep your medical office looking fresh and clean with a new paint job every 4 years. It can actually help your staff save lives in your medical practice, improve mood and productivity of your staff, decrease allergens in the air, and give your medical practice the best face forward for your clients.

So why us?

Well, it pays to work with Sherwin-Williams preferred vendors like us because we get access to these special paints at a discounted rate, so it saves you money to save lives! Isn’t that great?! And if that isn’t a good enough reason, we have skilled labor who specialize in medical office painting allowing for minimal, if no, down time for your practice. This time of year is hard, and we don’t want to add to the stress by taking a day or two out of your production time. So we can work around your schedule and get your medical facility painted when you are closed.

We also guarantee same day, free estimates on all projects! Be sure to ask us about our year end specials!