Greensboro, NC Competes With Winston-Salem in Commercial Innovation

Focus in the beginning had been on the residential areas of the city, which has taken a turn over the last 5 years. More recently the focus has been on retail and industrial markets, specifically in the downtown area. Over the last 16 years Greensboro NC has pulled in residents and businesses that focus on innovation through reclaimed materials, technology, and small business.

Winston Salem has placed a lot of effort in the Innovation Quarter to brand the city as a hub for technology and medical start-ups and new business. Correspondingly Greensboro has started constructing what they call Innovation Village.  Construction plans began November of 2017 and are slated to go through 2025. Key assets that are being discussed currently include Gateway University Research Park, Joint School of Nanoscience and nanoengineering, and Hayes-Taylor YMCA.

It is exciting to see what the next steps are for the development of this innovation area in Greensboro. As you can see there are some big names involved and more will likely become involved as the plans evolve.

Greensboro to build Innovation Village

Some of the challenges that the city has anticipated, however, include streams and wetlands, which may equate to major bridge construction or revamps to the landscape of Greensboro itself. One other major concern is limited road connectivity. If this is going to become a business hub it is obviously important that it is easy to navigate to and from the area with little headache.

Greensboro’s effort in this project is a lot like Winston’s Innovation Quarter. Back in 2002 was the original announcement of the development of the innovation quarter, fast forward 15 years to the booming economy that this area of Winston has produced over 72 companies that reside in the area. 72 companies that didn’t exist, doing things that didn’t exist 15 years ago when the innovation quarter was dreamed up. The impact is palpable. People have said that down town winston felt very stuffy and corporate, but this breath of fresh air in the business community has also brought arts and galleries to down town revitalizing the whole area.

Innovation is a Face Lift for Greensboro, and That Means Seamless Colors

We can label an area what ever we want and create the amenities to help innovation happen, but what makes it feel that way is more directly related to the visual impact of the space itself. To really pull of the best look, there are skilled commercial painting crews hard at work.

We are proud to have been involved in a recent refresh project for the Greensboro airport, PTI. Obviously in a space with as much bustle as an airport typically has things like revitalizing the paint can be over looked or put off. As Greensboro becomes truly seen as a hub of innovation it will attract more visitors and businesses from afar. For those folks, the first impression of the city will be the airport.

Corporate Exterior Painting

One of the main reasons PTI is always renovating, expanding and changing the look and feel of the place is to help out our local business community in having the best first impression possible.

With over 35 years of commercial painting experience we have the crews you need to get innovative in your office space. We always offer free same day estimates and crews that will show up on time every time, helping you to maximize your creativity and productivity for years to come.